We are Valves & Vibration Noise Control Specialist.
Established since 1978.

Our Support and Services

Product Selection

We provide advice on our products according to customer needs and following required specifications. Product selection are based on detailed calculations by referring to information given by customers. Customers will be provided full support on product submission for their project and other troubleshooting regarding our product.

Noise Analysis

We are experienced in the field of noise treatment for air conditioning and mechanical ventilation industries. We provide noise calculations to evaluate the noise criteria. Our noise treatment product are catered to treat noise problem where noise criteria do not meet the required level. We work closely together with our customers to solve noise problematic areas in their project to ensure their project meet requirement.

Noise Measurement

Our company is equipped with trained professionals that are able to provide on site noise measurement using proper noise measuring devices. Customer can expect a detailed noise report that can better assist them to evaluate their requirement for noise sensitive area.