Sound Attenuator

Sound Attenuator

In ACMV System, unwanted noise are often generated by equipment like AHUs or MV Fans. Excessive noise will be transmitted thru the ducting system and reach the human hearing. Our hearing and health could be harmed if we are exposed to the noise for prolong periods.

Thus, SPECTRUM Noise Attenuator is introduced. It is used to control the passage of noise along the air path in commercial ACMV system and industrial blowers, cooling towers and power generated equipment etc.

SPECTRUM offer Rectangular Noise Attenuator that provides effective and promising performance of noise attenuation. Combining its low cost, simple installation and maintenance free operation, this makes SPECTRUM sound attenuator a better choice of ACMV noise control.

SPECTRUM Noise Attenuator in typical air flow system

The typical air flow system illustrates the various noise path transmitted from the equipment. Induct Noise affecting us are mainly transmitted from the SA, duct (A) and RA, (B) duct. Thus, SA & RA silencers is fitted along the ducting to reduce excessive AHU Noise Level.

Construction of SPECTRUM Noise Attenuator

SPECTRUM Sound Attenuator are constructed from galvanised steel sheet for casing. Internal splitter are filled with high density sound absorption acoustic material covered by G.I. perforated sheet. The acoustic media has class 1 fire rated complying to BS476.

SPECTRUM sound attenuator have a range of modules and sized to suit various duct sizes and are manufactured either as standard for commercial and industrial applications. An acoustically transparent membrane can be incorporated in the plitter for protection against oil, grease, dust or water.

Other material such as stainless steel, aluminum for corrosion resistant application and high temperature applications are also available upon request.


SPT Rectangular Sound Attenuator is avaible in any cross sectional size to suit duct face dimensions. It Come in 3 different series to reduce noise in low, mid and high frequency region. The silencers are manufactured in standard length of 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, 2400, 2700 and 3000 mm. Other length and material is also available upon request.

Type of Application

Silencer are made and design for various applications such as:

  1. Supply, Return or Exhaust Ductwork
  2. Air handling unit and Fan Plenum
  3. Commercial Offices, Hospital Ventilation, Clean Rooms, etc
  4. Industrial application, etc